Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Best Bank to Create Zero Balance Account in 5 min

In India, there are lots of banks available to customers. But, only a few of them are good in term of service. Today mostly bank operating just the sake of their money source. They don't care about the customer and only force to rush them from one branch to another.

Even their staff don't talk with respect to their customer. But, there are also some good banks provide all banking service online even they provide kyc verification service at your doorstep.

Here, We listed some good bank's service which is totally user-friendly and fully online. You can easily create zero balance saving bank account in 5 min from your mobile. In this type of service, you don't need to go to a branch for any common banking task like a  bank statement entry into passbook or physically money transfer from one bank to other, even for kyc verification. All you can do with your bank's mobile application.

1. Kotak 811

Kotak is one of the most popular and user-friendly bank which customer service is excellent. They have zero balance saving account program named "Kotak 811", which is a mobile banking account. Means you can do almost all banking related task from just Kotak 811 mobile application.

Using Kotak 811, You can request physical checkbook, passbook, debit card, credit card. Even they provide kyc verification process on your own address. Their agent comes to your address and does full kyc verification. Using their mobile app, you can transfer money to anyone you want and also you can change/generate atm pin just from their mobile app.

You can also block debit/credit card from an app as well as you can generate your banking statement from one click and receive on your email within 1 sec.
How to create an 811 account?
You can create a Kotak 811 account in just 5 min from their application. Download Kotak 811 from here and fill a form as they said. You just need pancard and aadharcard to create an account.

2. Axis ASAP

Axis bank is also known for well customer-friendly support service, Axis bank proving instant zero balance saving account creation service same as Kotak 811. Axis asap is alternative of Kotak 811. Axis asap also proving all banking service Kotak 811 provides. You can do easily any banking task from your axis asap mobile application.

The only difference between Kotak 811 and Axis asap is that axis asap users need to visit their nearby bank branch for kyc verification.

How to create an asap account?
You can create an axis asap bank account within 5 min. Download axis asap app from here and fill details as per description. You need pan card and aadharcard for creating asap zero balance saving account.

3. DigiBank by DBS

Digibank is another best alternative of Kotak 811. Digibank is mobile banking service provide by world's safest bank DBS(Development Bank of Singapore). Digibank is also providing all same feature as provided by Kotak 811 and axis asap. Same like Kotak 811, You don't need to visit a branch for kyc verification. Bank agent will come to your address for kyc verification.

How to create a digibank account?
You can create digibank zero balance saving bank account within just 3-4 min. Download digibank app from here and fill details as per description. Herem you also need pan card and aadharcard for creating Digibank account.

All the above-listed services are best for opening your zero balance saving account. All of the above all fully mobile banking service means all banking-related tasks are done through your mobile banking app.