Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jio Gigafiber - Jio coming again to rock internet market again

According to the latest report of worldwide internet users, India is ranked 2nd for internet users after China. Even India surpassed the USA and other tier-1 countries within just 3-4 years.
India is also the number 1 country for the cheapest internet data packages in the world. You guys already know who brings internet revolution in India. Yeah! Jio is the reason behind the entire internet world's revolution.

Thanks to jio, Every Indian internet users are enjoying the internet for very cheap rates. Even it forced to big telecommunication companies to take merger as Idea and Vodafone did.

Once again Jio coming to roar internet world again like they did 4 years ago. This time they coming to broadband and dth market with their product "Jio GigaFiber". If you are looking for more information about jio fibernet, here we provided details on them.

What is Jio GigaFiber

Jio Gigafiber is Reliance jio's broadband service(Mostly Know it is as Wifi service) which provide you speed up to 1GB/s as per their various plans. The most benefit of this service is that you can watch all the tv channels using just this service. Means you can take benefit of the internet as well as Tv Channels on your smart tv at the cost of only broadband.

By using this service, you don't need to pay money for dth provider to watch tv channels now. And even you will get unlimited high-speed internet at a very cheap rate.

Why Jio GigaFiber is so important?

Jio Gigafiber currently running preview offer which provides you 100GB data(200Gb extra by a coupon) free for every month with 100MB/s speed. You just need to deposit 4500 Rs for 1GB/s plan or 2500 Rs for 50MB/s plan. You will get that deposit back when you want to stop using their service. You can register for this offer from here.

When Jio GigaFiber is launching Officially in entire India?

As per some news report, Jio is going to launch this service on upcoming August 12, 2019, when their Annual General Meeting. Even their plan already circulated in Indian media before an official announcement. According to them, there are 2 plan one of 600 rs and other of 1000 Rs.

600 Rs plan will give you 100GB data per month with 50MB/s speed and 1000 Rs plan will give you 100GB data per month with 100MB/s  speed. You will get Jio's HomeTV service and a landline connection free on both plans. Means you can watch any tv channels free on tv if you use their service.

What will be an effect on internet Market?

After the official launching of Jio Giga fiber, mostly dth provider companies suffer very high loss and also they are forced to provide their plan at a very cheap rate as we are using the internet nowadays. Same way, other big broadband companies need to provide broadband plan at a very cheap rate to compete them.

It also affects all telecommunication companies like airtel, Vodafone idea to further reduce mobile data plan as most internet users start moving to broadband. So, here again, users will get high benefit like we are getting now on mobile data packages.

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