Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Top Messaging Apps for Chat on Android and iOS

In this era of smartphones, it has become very easy to stay in touch and communicate with friends and family members. The messaging apps have been developed very well to provide with rich services, and it helps to interact with others.

The services provided are in various forms like free text messaging, video calling, and voice calling, sharing of photos, videos, and even documents. There are different companies which have developed several messaging apps for Android as well as iOS.

We have tested various messaging apps and come up with the best messaging apps that you can find for both iOS and Android.

Top Best Messaging Apps for Chat:


Telegram possesses millions of active users all around the world. It is considered to be the fastest chat application in the entire world. It can be used on mobiles as well as desktops. All history of communication(chatting) are saved on the cloud here.

There is no limit of file size to share with anyone in telegram and the chats are secured with the help of 2048-bit RSA encryption and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption.

Telegram supports sharing of pictures, videos, stickers, and GIFs. The group chat option can be used to make a group of 1, 00,000 people at a time. Telegram is completely free, and there are no advertisements in the app. A donation funds telegram, and it has promised its users to stay free, never sell the data, and that isn't aiming to generate any revenue.


WhatsApp is considered to be the most used application for messaging in the entire world. WhatsApp is free of cost, and it is easy to set up. It can be used to chat, share videos, messages, location, documents, and contacts. The app also provides the feature of voice calling and video calling.
WhatsApp requires access to your contacts so that it can automatically use your contacts in the app. One of the best things other than popularity is the end-to-end encryption for security and privacy. It also supports the features of GIFs and editing features like Snapchat.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is well-known all over the world, and it even has its own messaging app, which makes it convenient to chat with family members, friends, and colleagues. It will use your contacts in the app, and you can even add a contact or someone can add you with the help of scanning a unique code. You can send stickers and GIFs while chatting.

The features of voice calling and video calling are very reliable and clear. In Android, you can keep the chat icon floating on the screen with the help of Chat Heads option. It can be used to share photos, videos, location, and documents. There is a unique feature of a secret conversation that is end-to-end encrypted.


Line is the biggest popular application in Asia(specially in china), and as of now, it has more than 600 million active users.

Line is a messaging app having all similar features like every other popular social media app has. Same like facebook, here you can post anything you want on your profile and other users(especially your friends) can see your post in their feed and comment anything they want.

The feature of free voice calling to line numbers as well as landlines and video calling is also available. The stickers store is filled with all the Line characters which have been famous in Asia. Maximum 200 members can be included in a group chat, and these chats are encrypted. Line allows you to follow your favorite brands and artists.

You can create and set up albums on Line and then share it with your friends. The Line is a secure application.